Making The World A Happier Place, One T-Shirt At A Time.

Tee’s of Mellifluous, Mellifluous: muhlif-loo-uh s Adjective, 1. sweetly or smoothly flowing; sweet-sounding: a mellifluous voice; mellifluous tones. 2. flowing with honey; sweetened with or as if with honey.

Or in this case Beautiful Tee’s that brighten up the world, brings smiles to faces of friends, neighbors, strangers, a chuckle, a reminder to support a special cause and motivate others to get involved, the list could go on and on.

That was my impression (Mellifluous) when I first landed on their website and began browsing the site and catalog. I must admit I was a wee bit jealous of the beautiful displays, simple design, color layout, it was easy to navigate, informative but not overpowering with tons of information.  just a really nice website all around color coordination etc.) Very well designed. And it immediately sparked my own creativity and some great idea’s were born from just browsing the sight.

I can’t wait to visit in the spring and sit out on the patio with a nice cup of coffee discussing my ideas and getting some professional advice on how to best proceed with some of my marketing ideas and Tee’s with our News On the Wings newsletter and Bradford LifeStyles Logo’s or some of our product photos. It’s always exciting and a pleasure, when I have the opportunity of meeting and chatting with other successful business owners. Especially when they are local merchants. I had the pleasure of meeting the owner this little gem of a shop this past week before Christmas.

I’m always awed and intrigued by their creativeness, hard work ethics, determination and commitment to their products, services, and customers. It’s the heart and soul of every successful business. Without that there are no customers or success stories. It’s not always about just having a great product, its how you treat your customers that makes the difference and this little shop is no different. There is something special about those little shops and their owners one finds on the hidden side streets, and on the back roads and main streets of New England’s small towns and historical districts.

This little shop is no different and holds fast to the old saying “Good things come in small packages”. You don’t have to look much further than the Name, to see where the heart of this shop owner is with her sub heading Making the world a happier place one Tee at a time“.



 Jackie’s Tee’s is located on Rantoul Street in Beverly Ma., the town that lays claim and is honored as one of the paternal birthplace’s of the United States Navy a neighboring town of Marblehead Ma with a lot of history where Fort Sewall is located. “The Fort’s greatest moment in history was on Sunday, April 3, 1814 when the U.S. Navy’s Constitution, being chased by two British frigates, escaped into Marblehead Harbor under the protection of the fort’s guns.”


We haven’t done any write ups on local businesses in our community yet as we’ve been so busy with the move to our new host and rebuilding and re-branding the Bradford LifeStyles name and website from a marketing and advertising site to include direct sales from our site as a retailer. Which we hope to be launching soon.

But what better place to start than with this little gem of a shop. We are honored and proud to welcome Jackie’s Tee’s to the BLS Armada.

We hope you’ll check out her web site and/or stop in if you’re a local, call, place some orders for personal or business needs and help Jackie make the world a happier place one Tee at a time.


Black Friday/Cyber Monday Gold

Looking for that special something for that special someone this Holiday season?

Hey Guy’s…She’ll love this one!

We haven’t focused much lately on the re-gathering of the BLS Armada’s affiliate marketing fleet; we’ve been so busy rebuilding the new site and getting it ready for signing up community members for the BLS Marketplace that is due to be launched in 2018. We can’t wait to get that party started after the holiday season and New Year pass.
We recently reconnected with one of the most beautiful Gal’s we had in the fleet of our affiliate marketers. (The BLS ARMADA) as it was pet named by our CEO and Founder because of his love for tall ships.
She was one of our favorite ships, she was Unique, Elegant, Stylish, Beautiful, and then some, She is gem to the fleet and we’re honored to have her sailing with us once again.
We’d like to introduce as our featured holiday advertiser this Black Friday/Cyber Monday Weekend….

Deewatch Double Wrap Watch