Re-Branding And Rebuilding: Visual Target Acquired

A re-branding and re-launch is on the horizon


Morale is high here on the home front and we’re excited about the progress we’re making and the way the site is coming together. We’ve been busy adding and implementing lots of new features for the BLS Community and the BLS Marketplace.

Early October projects involved integrating upward of 26,000 products in the sporting/Hunting/Fishing/Camping categories during the course of Spooky-Boo October; along with an additional 2,100 unique home decor, gifts, and collectibles with in which, we have a very nice collection of unique cast iron decor and cooking products.
There is still much to do but one step at a time we’re making headway. We think the internet community will love it and we are looking forward to opening the gates.
We currently have some of our home decor products displayed in our store front for viewing and browsing; however the payment gateways are disabled and will remain closed until our official launch date.
When I asked Why a closed community was chosen as an operating model for the Bradford LifeStyles website; and added that by doing so, and limiting our drop shipping products to only the United States, and ended with; aren’t we severally limiting our market share and potential customer base by a substantial amount?  Our CEO simply responded, “We think a closed, private shopping community will help make Bradford LifeStyles a more pleasant, secure, and hassle free shopping experience for our community. Hey customer satisfaction comes first and foremost and is at the top of our customer service commitment list. We do not want to get too big for our britches, so much so; that, that number one commitment suffers. We want to stay small and manageable with a fully satisfied and happy customer base. That is what will make the difference. Besides, we have our affiliate portal links that put us in the global marketplace with a global network of e-Commerce retailers and business’s on a number of continents for the public and global shopping community and site visitors.
The internet is a beautiful thing. We hope to win the hearts and minds, (and wallets and purses, we are a business after all ) of  as much of its traffic as possible, but the real heart and soul, and life blood of Bradford LifeStyles will be the BLS Community and that begins here at home. We built the community; provide them a safe secure, rich environment, the tools, options, and opportunities they want and need to flourish, and the community and marketplace with grow at its own pace. We’ll make adjustments updates, and upgrades as needed”.
I was impressed. It was beautiful, mellifluous sounding; his response, music to my ears, and instilled hope, and a sense of pride in my spirit. It was something awesome I have the opportunity to be a part of, and help build.  Of course as an insider; and the chief editor of the “News On The Wings Newsletter”. I have access to a lot of the inner workings and plans for the site, and feel confident and hopeful the project will do well.
Membership will open up access to multiple opportunities for community members and vendors. The BLS Market Place will be a community of sellers and buyers. Paid memberships will allow members to buy, sell, auction, or trade on the BLS Market Place, create groups and smaller communities, for profit or fund-raising for legitimate causes and charities.
Just to mention a few of the cool features and opportunities I’ve had access too, that will become available on Bradford LifeStyles once re-launched.
So that’s the Spooky-Boo October update and round-up. We’ll keep you up to date on current Thankful November happenings here on the wings in the coming weeks.

Feel Free to click on over and browse the home decor display now open for viewing and browsing in our store HERE.

Who Ya Rooting For?

Breaking development from the BLS Corporate Office.

The Wings have just received word that the board of directors upstairs has unanimously voted to approve a new plan they think will move the company forward in a positive direction through the coming 2018 year.

The plan hopefully will level the playing field for not only Bradford LifeStyles but also will aide our smaller e-commerce merchants and associated business partners that are struggling to compete with the ever-growing e-commerce giants.

After careful consideration and examination of all the companies options the BLS Board of Directors has determined that it would be in the best interest of the company to utilize and implement all tools available at its disposal in order to create the much-needed income and cash flow to keep the company afloat.

The concept of making corporate decision to solve business problem

The details are not yet finalized but what we do know is that our web site will be split into at least two shopping areas. One will involve moving forward with the construction of our private shopping community which will be available for BLS members only, the other will involve a free shopping area for the public and all site visitors.

One of the areas will consist of a global community of e-commerce companies,


The other will be for American companies only which we’ll be selling and advertising for directly from our site, along with many other features for BLS community members.

We will keep the community and general public informed as we receive more details on the plan.

Weather we win or lose will not matter in the end, the only thing that matters is that we didn’t give up, no matter how many time we got knocked down. We’ve no regrets so long as we know we did our best.

We hope you’ll be in our corner

shopping and rooting for us.