It’s the end of the commercialization of Christmas as we know it.

What if you knew of a website that donated every penny of profit to charity? Would you shop on that site? What if its members could buy, sell, trade, hold auctions, fundraisers and more; would you join and become a member or merchant of that site?

Well Low and behold; another Christmas Holiday season is upon us. Thanksgiving is just days away and the official kick off of the holiday shopping season is about to begin. Black-Friday; the one-day super steals and deals event offered by retailers hoping cash in early on the opening day of the holiday shopping season.

What’s new, what’s trending, what’s happening, who’s  got the best deals, steals, and sales, Shop online or offline. The frenzy is already taking place, the holiday retail, e-commerce, and advertising madness is in full swing, early this year it seems.

Well  you know what? Not here; Nope, we’re  sitting this one out this year. Yup; that’s right. You read that correctly. No rat race for us this year. Bradford LifeStyles will not be participating in any rat race games this year. No, we weren’t benched by coach because we’re some sort of retail leper, or red-nosed e-commerce freak.

We’re just…umm….

Welp; Not ready!

We’ve ordered a whole new fleet of nice brand new shiny red Santa sleigh’s and we’re not done loading them up with goodies yet and don’t expect to be finished until after the holidays are over.
And then of course there’s this little issue of getting all these shiny glittering silver and gold steals and deals off the ground and into cyberspace.
And then of course let’s not forget the little problem of creating and launching a superior SEO’ing campaign that will act as our flagship and a bright red beacon that will attract the attention of worlds cyberspace travelers and get them to shop with us.

Yup! That’s a biggie; trying to figure out how to snatch and grab the attention of all you e-commerce cybernaughts. We’ll have to come up with something really cool and nifty stuff to win their hearts and minds, let alone their wallets; And that is no easy task by any stretch of the imagination. Many a stronger, and more skilled companies’ than we; have tried, and failed! But it’s the only way to be able to compete with the giants. We win your heart and mind, and hopefully some of that money your holding in your wallets. Simple right?

So just how; you might be asking yourself, do they plan on doing this, and just what exactly do they have to offer me that will make want to shop with this Bradford site?

Well I’ll tell you…
Hmmm… Then again maybe not, not at this time anyways. I mean it is one of them secret company projects that only members and insiders are privileged too.

What I can tell you is this though; we are going to pick a fight with some giants. And that’s where you come in…
Yes, that is right, you are going to be a part of this fight. Whether you like it or not, whether or not you support us, or not; if you make purchases online then you are a part of this fight. But don’t worry the giants are not as big and bad as everyone may think.

Here is what I need you to do. Check back often and keep an open mind. Yup! It’s that simple.

In the coming weeks and months, we will be populating the site with products in multiple categories and opening a public shopping gateway that will feature a global network of e-commerce retailers and businesses from around the globe along with adding and introducing new features as we move forward and prepare for our official site launch date.

We are building a private shopping community and market place where members can and will be able to… (Whoops that’s a secrete and surprise to be announced at the appointed time…)
So there you have it. That’s the plan in a nutshell. Nothing new mind you; that hasn’t already been thought of, or already been tried and/or abandoned or failed for whatever one or a dozen of the mired of reasons why most internet businesses fail but we’re suiting up and readying for a fight.

So check in often, and/or sign up to follow our news letter for updates and happenings. I think you will like what we unleash. The giants may not but the consumers will.

O Ya… by the way; as far as the title and subtitle headings of this “News On The Wings”  publication and post go,…
Well, you’ll just have to wait until we launch, and release that information, and/or join our community to get access to what’s cooking in the BLS Kitchen.

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